Don Beck Neon


"Coccon 9" - Kaffe Glass, Paper, Wood

"Athos" - Cobalt Glass

"Burning" - Ruby Glass, Rice Paper, Wood

Detail - Cocoon 4 - Neo-Blue Glass

"Cocoon 3" - Sun Yellow Glass, Rice Paper, Wood

"Cocoon 11" - Noviol Yellow Glass, Rice Paper, Wood

Jaguar Logo - in progress

Detail of Plasma Creature - Borosilicate glass plasma vessel


Iris - Snow White and Noviol Yellow Glass

"Jack's Black Widow" - Cobalt and Ruby Glass


​"Leaving" - Cobalt Blue Glass

"Cocoon 6" - Snow White Glass, Rice Paper, Wood

Animated Dragon - in progess

"Interloper" - Turquoise and Pink Glass



Valentine's Day - Logo for Greeting Card

Slot Machine Carousel - Netherlands


Praying Mantis - Emerald, Noviol Yellow and Uranium Glass

​"Eruption" - Neo-Blue Glass

Grateful Dead - '81

Square Knot belt - Snow White Glass

"une fleur dans les champs"

Desert Bighorn Sheep  (Nevada State Animal)

Presentation Piece for Nevada Gov. Bill Miller's Inaugural Ball - '91

Infinity Table - 40"x40"x22"

"The Boardwalk"

"Djinn" - 15' tall

"Cocoon 17" - 6500K White Glass, Rice Paper, Wood

Blown Glass Double Plasma Vessel 

Shriner's Clown

Reclining Nude - Ruby, Noviol, Sun Yellow and Warm White Glass

Easter Basket - Tiffany's Display by Carolyn Minshew